Who Thought School Could Be So Much Fun!!! Behind the scenes of a class Photo Shoot.

The following is a collection of behind the scenes photos I made during my wedding photography class at Nossi College of Art, in Nashville, Tennessee.

Heading to a shoot location at Cornelia Fort Airpark in Nashville, TN.


On location at Hamilton Creek on J. Percy Priest Lake, Nashville, TN


Cumberland Park by the walking bridge, Nashville, TN


Centennial Park, Nashville, TN


Our excellent, Nossi College of Art instructor, John Yates of Celladora Wedding Photography.

All photos above © John Scott Whigham. All rights reserved.

I trust you enjoyed this brief behind the scenes glimpse of a Nossi photo class. Stay tuned for more behind the scenes photos and other photo stories and  essays.

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Nashville Fashion Week 2015 at The Cordelle 04-08-2015

Nashville Fashion Week’s Wednesday evening event was entitled Accessories as Art.
Accessory designers’ designs were represented as art displayed on an ornate dining table.


The  event was held at The Cordelle at 45 Lindsley Ave. in Nashville’s historic Rutledge Hills.
The Cordelle is an event space located in a restored Victorian home built in the late 1800s.

All photographs © John Scott Whigham All rights reserved.

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Nossi Wedding Photography class instructed by John Yates

photo from Wedding Photography Class

photo from Wedding Photography Class

This semester at Nossi College of Art,  I am taking a wedding photography class taught by John Yates, owner of  Celladora Wedding Photography.

The first half of the class centered on business and workflow aspects of wedding photography. The instructor provided much insight, and graciously shared many of his techniques and secrets that make his wedding photography business a success. Perhaps the most important advice John Yates gave was insight on effective pricing strategies. He shared information about how to effectively structure and price packages of services. John also gave good information about wedding photography price ranges. Other very valuable advice he gave about working with clients is to follow the 90/10 rule, which is listen 90% of the time and talk 10% of the time. It is important to know as much as you can about your customer, as it will help you to cater to their needs. By understanding their needs you can provide much more value than they expect. This will lead to a very satisfied customer who will be more likely to refer you to others.


Bridal portrait session

Bridal portrait session

The second half of the class is focusing on the photography. So far, we have been photographing bride and groom portraits in different settings as well as detail photos. Below are some of my favorite images taken up to this point in my wedding photography class.

Bridal portrait

Bridal portrait from Wedding Photography Class

photo from Wedding Photography Class

photo from Wedding Photography Class

photo from Wedding Photography Class

photo from Wedding Photography Class

photo from Wedding Photography Class

photo from Wedding Photography Class

photo from Wedding Photography Class

photo from Wedding Photography Class


photo from Wedding Photography Class

photo from Wedding Photography Class



I am grateful to John Yates for offering his expertise and insight on wedding photography. He has answered many of the questions I have always had about wedding photography.
Be sure and check out my instructor’s  website

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Faces of Quinn Scott Whigham, Cumberland Park, Nashville TN

Here are some photos of my 5 year old son Quinn, I made at Cumberland Park, near the walking bridge in Nashville, TN.

I’m going to let the photos do the talking. Enjoy!

All images © John Scott Whigham. All rights reserved.
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Spotlight on Emy Entelle

Emy Antelle is a Nashville singer and model who, like our previous spotlight model, Lauren Conklin, offers her modeling  talent and time to Nossi College of Art  photography students.

Emy got her start as a model in her home town of Pensacola Florida, and has since modeled in New York City and at  New Orleans Fashion Week. Emy is currently in Nashville  launching her music career with Red Ridge Entertainment, Inc.

Below are several images I made during two photo sessions with Emy Antelle for my fashion photography class.

All photographs © John Scott Whigham. All rights reserved.

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Spotlight on Lauren Conklin

Lauren Conklin is a Nashville  model who graciously offers her time and talent to photography classes at Nossi College of Art.

In addition to being a model, Lauren is an accomplished professional violinist and fiddle player. She  has performed in opening acts for Kix Brooks and Montgomery Gentry, and has appeared on the TV show “Nashville” , the Hannah Montana Movie and on other videos.

Below are a few photos of Lauren I’ve made at Nossi College of Art in Nashville, Tennessee


All images © John Scott Whigham.   All rights reserved.
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The Royal Court of China

The Royal Court of China is a Nashville based Rock and Roll band that was established in 1984. In 1986 they released an EP, “Off the Beat’n Path” on their own record label, Desperation Records. In 1987, they were signed to A&M Records.They have toured with bands such as The Kinks, REO Speedwagon, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, and Cheap Trick. The original band members were Joe Blanton, Chris Mekow, Robert Logue and Oscar Rice. Follow The Royal Court of China on Facebook,

Below are some photos I made at The Exit\In in Nashville Tennessee on 12-28-2013

Exit/In on FaceBook

All images below © 2013 John Scott Whigham Whigham Photography LLC. All rights reserved.

The  current lineup  is, Joe Blanton lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Chris Mekow drums, Robert Logue bass, and Warner E. Hodges, lead guitar.


Joe Blanton


Chris Mekaw


Robert Logue


Warner E. Hodges







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Great interview with Joe Blanton about the history of The Royal Court of China. Click here.


Winter Wonderland in Middle Tennessee February 2015

Winter Wonderland in Mt. Juliet Tennessee

Winter Wonderland in Mt. Juliet Tennessee

Photograph of sledders having fun.

Icy drives make great sled runs!

Taking the opportunity to do personal photography along with my professional work is very enjoyable and therapeutic for me. The recent ice and snow that blanketed Middle Tennessee a few days ago provided a perfect opportunity to photograph for myself.

For more photos of winter beauty and fun, please follow this link to images on my FaceBook page.